Monday, 30 July 2012


It's quarter to two in the morning and I felt like making like an organised shrine out of some of my stuff on my windowsill. Taking the photos was a little bit risky because the shutter's really loud and everyone in my house is in bed, but no one came into my room complaining of a ruckus so I guess I'm okay. Looking at my little organised half of my windowsill is very satisfying, but the rest of the windowsill is kind of where everything went when I was making room for this, so it's not as organised but I shall work on it tomorrow because it's the summer and going out involves effort. Each of the headbands here are the ones that I made, the disco ball is something my sisters and I have had for a long time, the light up skull is from Sainsbury's from a Halloween long ago, mini chest of drawers I don't know. Same goes for the transparent box, I think it came with hairbands and stuff in it but no one was using it so now it is my jewellery box. I got the bubble gum dispenser one Christmas and it's amazing and the best thing is that I made money out of it, but now I have run out of bubblegum so I filled it with random crap that I couldn't figure out what to do with the first time I cleared out my room like a year ago. I found that little pink bead bracelet today and I think a friend made it for me years and years ago, anyway I thought it was really cute and it's the same with the Hama bead heart. Hama beads are the best. That copy of Slimeball Comics was sent to me when I ordered the Japanese Voyeurs B Sides and Rarities CD and I put my copy of Weetzie Bat there because I felt that it went with the whole feel of it. The flower headband around the disco ball is one I did not make (DUN DUN DUNNNN), it was braided into my hair like a crown when my friend and I were early for an MGMT gig at the O2 Brixton Academy, and the staff just randomly started doing peoples' hair with flowers in to kill time because we were so early. The transparent strips of pictures of Disney princesses came with a tracing kit thing my sister had, but I kept them in case I might use them again and I have proved my past self right, I love it when that happens. 

To relate to the title of this post in a different way, the new Purity Ring album is unreal and I just bought tickets to see them in November for like £12 GO ME. This is one of my favourite songs it makes me feel so many emotions all at once. 

Tuesday, 10 July 2012


Yeah, I made Comme des Garcons rip off shoes. I had some Topshop boots that were starting to bore me and I thought feet shoes looked really cool so I just painted it with acrylic then sprayed shoe protective spray over the top because I am too lazy to get leather paint (it's like £7 NO THANKS). I've been making loads of stuff recently because all my exams are over so I have nothing to do except make stuff, which is a good use of my time really. Take a gander at the headbands I made, I'm going to wear them to Latitude which I am going to ON THURSDAY. 

I'll probably take pictures at Latitude, so I might post them if I feel my ego can take the rejection of no one commenting. HAPPY TRAILS FRIENDS