Thursday, 20 September 2012


I haven't posted for a while, but I mostly post for my own entertainment because it seems kind of organised and satisfying. I love wearing my own clothes to college every day, it's really great. Really. 

My dress is Lazy Oaf  which is awesome and everyone needs to check out now, and I got it in the ASOS sale for half price what whaaaaat.

Would like to point out the fact that there are burgers, chicken legs and flowers with smiley faces on my dress. 

I made a googly eye headband and it makes an excellent noise when I shake my head, so make one if you want to feel like a human maraca. 

Re-dyed my hair last night and put some blue bits in it and some of it went purple and the colours all together make me feel really nostalgic. Plus it looks cool. 

Made a FREE PUSSY RIOT bracelet to show my support and so I can tell people about it when they ask me about it at college.


I've been listening to so much more music lately, and I want to make another playlist soon because I haven't made one in ages and making playlists is super satisfying. This is one of the songs I have been listening to: 
It's such a good song YEAH YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN.

If you read all that, thanks

Wednesday, 8 August 2012


A list of songs that I think are dreamy and are suitable to listen to when you're sitting in the last of the sun and stuff to make you feel like a piece of chiffon floating in the summer breeze lalalala


I know it's nothing new to anybody and even if you have seen it a billion times, let us all visit this website and cry over how cool everything is. How amazing would it be if I could start my new school with that badboy collection just hanging casually in my wardrobe so I could wear it everyday. I would do a catwalk down the corridors everyday. I would keep glitter inside my coat so I could explode with glittery amazingness. I don't even think I'd go to my classes, I'd just marvel in the beauty of my own clothes. WHAT I AM TRYING TO SAY BUT CAN'T BECAUSE MY BRAIN IS MADE OF POTATOES IS THAT I WANT EVERYTHING MEADHAM KIRCHHOFF HAS EVER DESIGNED OKAY. Who knows, I might do another rip-off DIY on something, I really like that little heart with a face but I need to buy fabric paint and I have recently realised I've probably spent all my money on the ASOS sale - I bought a skirt with hearts for pockets and a dress with rainbows on it. It sounds like I'm making this up, but I'm not, it's really as good as it sounds. 
These are just some of my favourites from the Fall 2012 catwalk show. 

I love the colour of this dress, and the material, and the way it kind of looks like a night dress.

This one I thought was more school-y and I can completely see myself wearing this to college in September. I'll have to find something a bit more affordable maybe, unless it falls from the sky which would be cool.  

There are no words. If you wore this to a job interview you would get the job. Even if you had no qualifications. Or weren't even applying for the job. 

I used to have tights like this, but not as cool because they were probably from Marks and Spencer. The Batman necklace. Sweet Mary mother of Jesus, the Batman necklace. 
If you haven't seen the new Batman yet, go see it, go see it now - I cried and laughed and was dangerously close to peeing my pants, both out of fear and not wanting to go to the toilet and miss anything. 
Photos are from the internet, I forgot exactly where from because I was blinded by the awesomeness. 


I changed the name of this blog because I didn't like the old name and I saw my 'teen spirit' banner I have in my room and decided that would do. WHAT A GREAT STORY THAT EVERYBODY WANTS TO HEAR. 
I bought like a massive bag of plastic gems from my art shop and have just been making everything sparkly and pretty because I have a glue gun and because I can. I did cover some sunglasses that I never wore in gems but I didn't get a great picture of them, but I will show you the tights I did today. 

I burnt my thumb though, glue guns have their perks but they are also a dangerous tool when you're not paying attention because you're watching Doctor Who instead of trying not to glue a gem to your thumb with burning hot glue. 

Sunday, 5 August 2012


This is my video I made for a competition and I would just like some feedback and some views so I can feel popular and cool. I don't really know who I'm talking to here, seeing as I have no followers, but SOMEONE is giving me views, unless it's just me, which is sad. 

Thursday, 2 August 2012


I watched Hick yesterday in a den that I made when cleaning out my room. DENS ARE SO MUCH FUN. Hick is now one of my favourite films, I couldn't hear some of it because it was bad quality but it was still such a good film and I recommend it to anyone who's okay with watching an R rated film. 

This one is just because it is one of the best lines from a film ever and I bought felt tips. 

Monday, 30 July 2012


It's quarter to two in the morning and I felt like making like an organised shrine out of some of my stuff on my windowsill. Taking the photos was a little bit risky because the shutter's really loud and everyone in my house is in bed, but no one came into my room complaining of a ruckus so I guess I'm okay. Looking at my little organised half of my windowsill is very satisfying, but the rest of the windowsill is kind of where everything went when I was making room for this, so it's not as organised but I shall work on it tomorrow because it's the summer and going out involves effort. Each of the headbands here are the ones that I made, the disco ball is something my sisters and I have had for a long time, the light up skull is from Sainsbury's from a Halloween long ago, mini chest of drawers I don't know. Same goes for the transparent box, I think it came with hairbands and stuff in it but no one was using it so now it is my jewellery box. I got the bubble gum dispenser one Christmas and it's amazing and the best thing is that I made money out of it, but now I have run out of bubblegum so I filled it with random crap that I couldn't figure out what to do with the first time I cleared out my room like a year ago. I found that little pink bead bracelet today and I think a friend made it for me years and years ago, anyway I thought it was really cute and it's the same with the Hama bead heart. Hama beads are the best. That copy of Slimeball Comics was sent to me when I ordered the Japanese Voyeurs B Sides and Rarities CD and I put my copy of Weetzie Bat there because I felt that it went with the whole feel of it. The flower headband around the disco ball is one I did not make (DUN DUN DUNNNN), it was braided into my hair like a crown when my friend and I were early for an MGMT gig at the O2 Brixton Academy, and the staff just randomly started doing peoples' hair with flowers in to kill time because we were so early. The transparent strips of pictures of Disney princesses came with a tracing kit thing my sister had, but I kept them in case I might use them again and I have proved my past self right, I love it when that happens. 

To relate to the title of this post in a different way, the new Purity Ring album is unreal and I just bought tickets to see them in November for like £12 GO ME. This is one of my favourite songs it makes me feel so many emotions all at once.