Thursday, 12 April 2012


 You know when you have so much to be doing that eventually you end up doing none of it? That is my day/week/life in a nutshell. I DID take some photos for art today but unfortunately I cannot show them off because 1.) I have no followers to show off to 2.) I'm pretty sure my sister would be against me displaying her face all over my blog, especially when I painted her face to make her look like she was just beaten up. 

I decided to do something creative to procrastinate today so firstly I made THIS beauty of a headband.

Basically, I ordered 32 fake roses off eBay for £8.99 (£8.99 WHAT) and they came today and I got a little bit over excited and made this headband. I think it looks like a crown I FEEL LIKE A PRINCESS. 

I also made this in tribute to one of my favourite bands, Japanese Voyeurs, who are sadly no more. I wanted pictures of flowers as the background, but all the pictures I could find were kind of boring and I really couldn't be bothered to make a collage out of them and then those dinging bells from cheesy game shows when someone gets an answer correct rang through my head and I thought of Stella McCartney. To cut a long, boring and pointless story short, I remembered she did these flower collage things and so I used them = EFFORT SAVED. 
I love the song 'Get Hole' and you can listen to it here I sound like an advertisement.  
Also, please excuse my two little fingers at the bottom of the page. 

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