Sunday, 20 May 2012


Bleached/ripped shirt, shiny skirt & Jeffrey Campbell tardy boots - even if I do say so myself, I love this combination. Wearing shiny things makes me happy. ISN'T THIS SKIRT THE BEST? It is my favourite thing in my wardrobe right now. When I feel sad, I think about my skirt. When I feel like I look too boring, on goes the skirt. When I just want to twirl and feel pretty, SKIRT. It can solve so many problems, it really can. 
These Jeffrey Campbells I got for like half price and I couldn't not get them because I had been wanting some for a long long long long timen and HALF PRICE. Man, do I know how to shop. 
Right now I am sensing the beginning of an obsession with Rebel Girl by Bikini Kill, it is such a good song. It's the perfect thing for me to be listening to right now as it helps me vent all the anger and frustration that sprouts as a product of endless hours of revision. I'm not even revising that much, it's just that I HATE science. But this song, it gives me energy and hope and oh you guys I think I might cry just listen to the song. 

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