Monday, 14 May 2012


Since my art exam finished I have been giving myself a 'well deserved break', despite the fact I still have all my other exams ahead of me. In the past week I have watched The Graduate, The Virgin Suicides, Heathers, Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen and The Truman Show - all of which are now in the long list of my favourite films. I don't know if you can see in these photos, but my socks actually kind of almost sort of match my top and it made me feel so coordinated.  There is a surfing dude on my top, and I love the Beach Boys THUS the title of this post. Also, my cat crept in to say hello so that's her tail peeping in the bottom of the third picture, she loves to get in the way of absolutely everything. I apologise for the lack of effort and writing in this post I am MEGA tired after a busy weekend of doing nothing. 


  1. Heathers is the best! Especially for when you feel like everything is against you or...murderous :)
    Have you seen Almost famous? It's really good, but I don't keep the dvd out and about because it looks like a porn film (it's not)
    Me too with the 'well deserved break'! my whole life is a break from what I should be doing.
    I like the outfit, it's quite calming somehow
    Anna x

    1. Yes I completely agree (:
      I haven't seen that but if it's anything like Heathers then it's worth a watch
      thank you Anna! x